Shoe Round Up

Top 6 pairs of Flamingo Shoes!

One things I have a weakness for is animal themed shoes. I’ve been stumbling across many flamingo themes ones reticently and thought i’d share my top 6 favourites!


  1. Sophia Webster Flamingo Sandals in b&w – $843 au
  2. THE Flamingo – $1,960.00
  3. Sophia Webster Flamingo Sandals in colour – $715
  4. One Fine Vacay – $44.99us
  5. Should I stay, or should I flamingo – $64.95us
  6. Sophia Webster Flamingo cut outs – £495.00
Brand Spotlight

Current Sophia Webster Faves!

Sophia Webster would have to be in my top 5 shoe designers. Starting as a design assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood she debuted her first collection for SS13 and I’ve been in love ever since. Her shoes have such a wonderful sense of whimsy that can be incorporated into any kind of look. Everything from the colours, patterns and hardware on the shoes make them a dream piece for me.

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